Aerial view of Bottrop

The One-Stop-Shop for Bottrop, which was tested during the implementation phase of ProRetro, was able to build on many years of previous experience. Bottrop was selected as InnovationCity Ruhr in 2010. This project also included the offer of free energy advice, which was provided by Innovation City Management. The free initial advice helped to significantly increase the refurbishment rate in Bottrop. With ProRetro, the offer for property owners in Bottrop has been expanded even further. The example of a fictitious family illustrates what this offer now looks like.

A young family, their “new” home and the One-Stop-Shop Bottrop

The young family Rust living in Bottrop approaches the One-Stop-Shop in spring 2023: They have moved into an older building from the 1960s. Now they are wondering how they can renovate the building to keep energy costs low and do something to protect the climate.

Before the on-site advice, the Rust family provides the data needed for the advice online or by telephone: Living space, year of construction, energy performance standard, heating system, energy consumption. The family also names specific questions they want to be discussed during the advice: For example, they ask themselves whether they should just insulate the top storey ceiling or the entire roof?

During the subsequent on-site advice, a representative of the One-Stop-Shop Bottrop visits the house and inspects all relevant parts of the building, including the heating system. During the visit and in dialogue with the Rust family, the One-Stop-Shop Bottrop draws up an initial “roadmap” for an energy renovation. In doing so, the wishes and considerations of the Rust family are taken into account: Which renewable energies do they want to use in the future? How should the children’s rooms in the attic be heated? Which measures make sense and which are feasible?

The One-Stop-Shop Bottrop records the results of the advice in a report. The report explains to the Rust family in writing what type of energy renovation they can tackle, when, in what order and with what financial support. They also receive tips on which contractors they can approach for the upcoming work.

If the Rust family has any further questions, they can contact the One-Stop-Shop Bottrop anytime and receive a prompt and profound answer. In case of a large number of questions – as is often the case with homeowners’ associations – the One-Stop-Shop Bottrop can also provide on-site advice several times. The One-Stop-Shop Bottrop as well assists with the subsidy application once the implementation of the renovation measures is getting closer.

This makes the One-Stop-Shop Bottrop a competent partner for those seeking advice in all phases of planning, financing and implementing an energy renovation.