The ProRetro One-Stop-Shop for Hanover Region

Aerial view of Hannover at evening

Providers: The Climate Protection Agency Hanover Region and proKlima – the enercity fund in cooperation with Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner (network of partners for renovation)

Target group: Owners of single- or two-family homes who intend to renovate

Renovation measures supported: Deep renovations of residential buildings and single measures (e.g., roof insulation and installation of solar panels or solar thermal collectors)

Services offered by Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner:

  • Initial advice on energy saving measures
  • On-site energy advice
  • Development of a renovation roadmap
  • Advice on grants and/or soft loans
  • Advice on financing or facilitate financing
  • Providing a list of qualified contractors and/or advice regarding contractors who are qualified to implement the planned actions
  • Coordination of construction works
  • Approval of construction works

Contact: If you have questions or are interested in the One-Stop-Shop’s service please send an email at or fill in the contact form.

More information: You can learn more about ProRetro in Hanover Region on the Climate Protection Agency’s website (in German) or through the ProRetro blog.

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