The ProRetro One-Stop-Shop for Böblingen district

Image of the lake and church in Boeblingen

Provider: Energieagentur Kreis Böblingen (the district’s energy agency)

Target group: Condominium owners’ associations

Renovation measures supported: Deep renovations of multi-family homes and single measures like the modernisation of heating systems or adding insulation (e.g., roof insulation)

Services offered:

  • Initial energy advice
  • Supporting the search for energy advisers who develop the renovation roadmap and issue proofs needed for subsidy applications
  • Support with financing
  • Supporting the selection of measures
  • Coordination with municipal authorities
  • Advice in the search and selection of contractors, e.g., the Hand-in-Handwerker
  • Being available during the construction phase
  • Supporting approval and quality assurance

Contact: If you are interested in the One-Stop-Shop and its services, please call 0049 7031 663 2040 or send an email at

More information: You can learn more about the One-Stop-Shop for Böblingen on the energy agency’s website (in German) or through the ProRetro blog

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