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Reimarkt acts as an intermediary that supports and collaborates with local suppliers to offer homeowners in the Netherlands with energy-efficient solutions for their homes. Reimarkt’s online Quickscan tool makes it easy for customers to individualize their renovation needs, receive advice, and select their preferred suppliers. Their renovation works come with a guarantee on price, comfort level, and energy reduction.


Linnaeus University (LNU) + Klimatfastigheter

Linnaeus University in Sweden strongly promotes the One-Stop-Shop concept for home renovation services through their scientific support efforts. They are a critical player in identifying best-practices of One-Stop-Shops and providing a body of knowledge on aspect of One-Stop-Shop development, such as barriers, user motivation, and available financing options.

Klimatfastigheter is a registered private limited company with an all-inclusive one-stop-shop model in Sweden. As a One-Stop-Shop, they take on the consulting and energy mapping for the renovation, coordinate and negotiate with sub-contractors, and provide customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Klimatfastigheter bears all the risks and responsibilities on behalf of involved entrepreneurs.


City of Vienna + Hauskunft

In collaboration with the city of Vienna, local companies, and interest groups, Hauskunft offers renovation-consulting services for homeowners and property managers in the area. Their services range from general advice to more comprehensive renovation planning, with a focus on improving energy-efficiency and indoor comfort within residential buildings. Hauskunft is currently part of wohnfond_wien and financed by RenoBooster project. They hope to become a private enterprise as their expertise and business model develops.


Régie régionale du Service Public de l’Efficacité Energétique (SPEE)

The Hauts-de-France Pass Renovation offers integrated home renovation services in the Picardie region for customers living in detached house and condominiums, as well as private owners. The One-Stop-Shop accompanies customers throughout the whole renovation journey and provides technical, financial, and informational assistance. They pride themselves on their strong partnerships with local authorities, institutions, and building companies, all of which are trusted third parties that play a role in informing potential customers and implementing the renovation works.


Île de France Energies (IDF-E)

Île de France Energies is a semi-public company with a focus on energy renovations of condominiums in the Paris region. The One-Stop-Shop accompanies condominiums and social housing organizations throughout the renovation and provides a complete package of support that simplifies the process, including organizational, technical, legal, and innovate financial services.


Logo Toulouse Métropole Rénov'

Toulouse Métropole Rénov’ – I-Heros

„Toulouse Métropole Rénov'” is a One-Stop-Shop for energy efficiency renovations in the metropolitan region of Toulouse that opened in January 2022. The European Union has funded the development of the One-Stop-Shop within the project I-HEROS (Integrated Home Energy RenOvation Service). Homeowners and condominium associations can make use of the One-Stop-Shop’s services. The energy advisers of the One-Stop-Shop accompany the owners willing to renovate throughout the renovation process. Owners are supported in deciding about measures, choosing contractors and applying for subsidies and loans. You can learn more about Toulouse Métropole Rénov’ on the ProRetro blog and Toulouse Métropole’s website.


Electric Ireland Superhomes

Electric Ireland Superhomes is a whole-house solution for energy retrofits in Ireland. The One-Stop-Shop offers homeowners tailored advice on energy solutions and financing options, a comprehensive home survey and energy report, and assistance with contracts and renovation coordination. To increase the scale of the successful SuperHomes concept, the EU-funded SuperHomes2030 project aims to develop additional One-Stop-Shops in the region and build a Deep Retrofit Community of Practice across Europe.



BetterHome was an industry-driven One-Stop-Shop model built on collaborations between Danish building manufacturers. BetterHome offered customers holistic guidance and solutions to decrease energy consumption and improve indoor comfort. They partnered with experienced, local contractors who they trained to carry out their quality renovation services and products. The service was suspended in 2021.



RetrofitWorks is a co-operative that promotes energy-efficiency in homes as a way to reduce CO2 emissions and energy bills in the UK. They act as an intermediary to match interested homeowners with local, quality-assured small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). RetrofitWorks offers a guarantee for the retrofit installation and quality of service, but they do not carry out the actual renovations works themselves.


TURNKEY Retrofit

Turnkey Retrofit is a service-oriented one-stop-shop model offered through a digital platform with a homeowner-centric focus. This includes tailored advice and support for solutions and financing options, technical offers, contract assistance, on-site coordination and quality assurance of renovation works. Once developed, such an one-stop-shop model will be operational in France, Ireland, and Spain.