Picture of a Swedish house under renovation

Klimatfastigheter Småland AB offers energy renovations of single-family houses, by managing the entire process from day one, on homeowners’ terms and based on their conditions. With the help of Klimatfastigheter, homeowners lower their operational costs, increase the comfort of their dwelling, and strengthen their finances. To the best of our knowledge, Klimatfastigheter Småland AB is, at the moment, the only renovation company operating under the One-Stop-Shop concept in Sweden.

Energy Renovation is a market with big potential in Sweden

Sweden faces no energy poverty-related issue. It is a country though with an aged building stock, which has great potential to become much more energy efficient if homeowners adopt the appropriate energy-efficiency measures. In particular, the single-family house market shows a great potential. Those houses (about 2.1 million units) account for 43% of the total building stock in the country. A significant number of them (about 1.6 million units) is in need of renovation.

The current energy crisis due to the war in Ukraine and rising energy prices bring those houses into the spotlight. Despite this, less than one percent of the single-family house stock undergoes a major energy renovation every year. With buildings accounting for 30% of the total energy use in Sweden, energy-renovating those houses, can contribute to reaching Sweden’s and the EU’s energy efficiency targets.

The low rate of energy-efficiency renovations can be the outcome of the complex process of such renovations, which does not allow homeowners to make conscious decisions. Homeowners are usually not aware of the energy measures they should adopt for their home, and they have limited knowledge of or access to market actors offering comprehensive renovation solutions in their area. When they are aware of such, it is tempting for them to invest in smaller package solutions, such as solar cells or replacement of windows as you get guaranteed energy production or energy savings with these measuers. But these solutions are limited and do not take the holistic view of the house that would be needed. For this reason, Klimatfastigheter Småland AB was founded in 2019 to offer homeowners cost- and energy-efficient renovation delivered by a single actor who considers both the technical, social and financial aspects of an energy renovation.


Klimatfastigheter Småland identity

Logo of Klimatfastigheter

The company operates in a so-called One-Stop-Shop business model for energy renovation of single-family houses. This model has been developed in collaboration with the Linnaeus University to increase the proportion of single-family houses that are energy renovated in the country.

This is an important step contributing to reaching the set climate and energy targets, both in Sweden and international.

Klimatfastigheter Småland AB cooperates with certified partners to be able to offer full service in an energy renovation package – including advice, energy mapping, renovation works, follow-up (independent quality control and commissioning), financing and electricity contracts. The company then guarantees that completed work has been carried out correctly.

The services Klimatfastigheter Småland AB offers to homeowners

Klimatfastigheter offers a variety of different services that can be combined based on the customer’s preferences.

A complete customer journey begins with the customer going through a digital tool that was launched in close collaboration with Hemma. This tool can be used by both private customers and companies just before they start to energy renovate a property.

Screenshot of the output of Klimafastigheter's online tool

The tool collects the necessary data about the property, both automatically (national databases) and via customer input. With the data, an initial evaluation of the measures required, and an initial calculation of costs are made. The tool shows the customers the best options for their unique energy renovation based on financial savings, energy savings and carbon dioxide emissions savings.

Afterwards, the customer receives a detailed description sent to their email address and is informed that they will be contacted by one of Klimatfastigheter energy renovation experts for a detailed review of the documentation.

If the customer is interested, a meeting is booked where a licensed specialist comes to the house to make a definitive calculation of its climate shell. This calculation forms the basis of the quote.

Klimatfastigheter then compiles all offers and, in the name of the customer, negotiates with the companies about the price. This leads to costs being lower compared to cases in which the customers negotiate with the company themselves. Subsequently, Klimatfastigheter offers the customer a single contract and one contact throughout the renovation. It also takes responsibility for delivering the renovation in a professional manner. If the customer wants help negotiating a loan for the renovation, they can use the partnerships available through Klimatfastigheter network. Collaborations with real estate agents are also available to get a preliminary estimation of the house value after the renovations have been completed. Klimatfastigheter also handles grant applications if grants are available.

When the property is renovated, a calculation of the current energy performance of the building is performed, so the customer can see how effective the measures have been. In addition, this allows them to make additional adjustments to further reduce energy costs.


Klimatfastigheter Småland AB numbers and vision

Since 2019 hundreds of households have contacted Klimatfastigheter Småland AB to receive information and a selected number of renovations have been carried out. The overall cost of these renovations is around 40 000 Euros per project. On average, the energy savings amount to around 70%.
Picture of a renovated Swedish home with PV on the roof

After spending the last two years on perfecting the One-Stop-Shop process, and making it scalable, this year Klimatfastigheter focus on growing. As a first step, Klimatfastigheter started cooperation with two key players in the energy and construction industry – E.ON and Skanska. As an additional step to further climate protection and sustainability, the CEO of Klimatfastigheter Småland AB, Martin Wikman, is also developing an web-based tool for sustainability reporting together with an authorized accountant. The goal is to speed up and facilitate the process of sustainability reporting and illustrate the companies’ hard work on their sustainability in an accurate and fair way.

You can learn more about Klimatfastigheter Småland AB on their website.