From fall 2021 on, Raumfabrik will expand its service “renovation, refurbishment, conversion – from a single source” by a new focus on energy efficiency and sustainable building materials. Thereby, Raumfabrik becomes even closer to an “all-inclusive” one-stop-shop for energy efficiency renovations.

The project ProRetro, funded by the European Commission within Horizon 2020, enables Raumfabrik to broaden its focus in the field of energy efficiency renovations. The Raumfabrik’s services are supplemented by energy advice, advice on funding opportunities and the selection of sustainable building materials. Raumfabrik is one of five implementing partners designing a one-stop-shop for their respective region. In this undertaking, they are supported by succesful one-stop-shops from other European countries and research institutions.


A One-Stop-Shop for Wuppertal

With its 360,000 inhabitants and 177,000 households, Wuppertal is the most populous city in the region “Bergisches Land”. Households can choose among about 194,000 living units, of which 20 percent are in single-family- and two-family-houses. Therefore, a large majority of dwellings are in apartment buildings.

Reliable data to assess which share of buildings already attain an energy performance standard compatible with ambitious emission targets is missing. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that many buildings still need to be refurbished to save energy and mitigate CO2-emissions. A large number of landmarked buildings does not make this task easier.

At the same time, the housing market in Wuppertal is characterized by a fragmented ownership structure. Professional housing providers only own a small share of Wuppertal’s residential buildings. About 70% are owned by individuals. This group especially can benefit from a one-stop-shop’s service and the easing of refurbishments it brings.

Who is in Raumfabrik’s target group?

Raumfabrik offers its services to all owners of residential buildings and apartments who want to renovate or rebuild. It does not matter if the owner only plans to implement small measures or is aiming for a deep renovation including, among other things, a new heating system, new windows and additional insulation of the building envelope and roof.

Raumfabrik also supports property managers and housing associations in implementing their planned refurbishments.


Raumfabrik’s range of services

As One-Stop-Shop Raumfabrik advises those willing to renovate in all construction-related matters. This includes choosing the heating system most suitable to local conditions and the building’s energy performance standard. Other important topics are insulation of the facade and roof. 

Eingerüsteter Altbau

Raumfabrik will also consider sustainable building materials like rendering made from clay or hemp as insulation material. At the same time, lighting design is one of the Raumfabrik’s specialities. LED-lighting offers many opportunities to illuminate rooms with a beautiful atmosphere while saving energy at the same time.

The One-Stop-Shop’s approach

In a first step, the Raumfabrik’s contact person inquires the customer’s wishes and determines the scope of the project. The customer’s budget will be taken into account while at the same time ensuring that all measures are future-proof. Raumfabrik will then arrange a first meeting with all contractors needed for implementing the project.

When it becomes apparent that the project includes measures for which subsidies are available, Raumfabrik will propose to also consult an energy adviser. The energy adviser will work in close cooperation with Raumfabrik and will ensure that all conditions that need to be met for being eligible for a subsidy are fulfilled. Raumfabrik will then prepare a quotation for all the construction work.

A construction schedule will determine the beginning and planned end of construction works. The construction works are supervised by the Raumfabrik’s contact person. This contact person is the interface between customer and contractors. Thereby, customers do not have to deal with a large number of contractors individually.

This also applies to after the construction work has been completed. The customer can always approach the contact person if he or she needs information, has questions or problems.

Raumfabrik’s cooperations

If the customer has no idea yet how to finance the project, Raumfabrik offers its customers to relay them to the Savings Bank of Wuppertal. It is an associate partner in the ProRetro project. Raumfabrik also cooperates with various energy advisers, so that the adviser most experienced for the task at hand can be called in.


The Raumfabrik

Raumfabrik is an association of numerous experienced contractors in the fields of refurbishment, renovation and conversion. Since 1999, we have jointly completed a large number of complex projects – working together like in a “real” fabric’s assembly line. Raumfabrik coordinates renovation projects from planning to construction and settlement.

Logo Raumfabrik

Like in the past, customers can also commission Raumfabrik with smaller renovation works like painting and tiling.


When does the ProRetro One-Stop-Shop start?

ProRetro Logo with claim in English

Since Raumfabrik already offers refurbishments from one hand, building owners interested in implementing energy saving measures may contact Raumfabrik from now on. You can call the hotline 0049 800 100 83 84 or send an email at

You can also fill in the contact form on Raumfabrik’s website.