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A large number of public and private advisory services offering support for energy renovations exist in the Hanover Region. The Climate Protection Agency Hanover Region and proKlima – the enercity fund want to bundle these services and make them more well-known.

By bundling diverse services related to energy renovations we strive to increase the renovation rate in Hanover Region. This will contribute significantly to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and support homeowners on their way to a renovated home. Establishing a one-stop-shop helps to attain these goals. A central contact point for everyone in Hanover Region planning to renovate will be established by strengthening the existing Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner (a network of partners for renovation).


Why is it necessary to increase the renovation rate in Hanover Region?

A residential building undergoing renovation

To achieve climate neutrality, we have to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings. Ambitious climate protection in the buidlings sector requires a transition in how we heat buildings. This transition comprises measures to lower energy consumption, a decarbonisation of the energy that is still needed and an increase in the share of renewable energies. This has to be achieved both by individual homeowners and housing companies.

Which services will the one-stop-shop for the Hanover Region offer?

A one-stop-shop for energy renovations offers the full range of services that homeowners need to implement measures successfully. The Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner has been active in the Hanover Region since 2009. It unites energy advisers and architects, whose services are needed in the planning phase, banks and other financial institutions, contractors and advisers helping with quality control and quality assurance. The Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner offers the following services:

  • Intial advice on energy saving measures
  • On-site energy advice
  • Development of a renovation roadmap
  • Advice on grants and soft loans
  • Filling in applications for grants and/or soft loans
  • Advice on financing or facilitate financing
  • Providing a list of qualified contractors and/or advice regarding contractors who are qualified to implement the planned actions
  • Various construction trades
  • Coordination of construction works
  • Approval of construction works

The one-stop-shop’s service consists in refering customers interested in an energy renovation to suitable contractors. The one-stop-shop will help with implementing both single measures like the installation of a photovoltaic or solar thermal collector or the installation of wall boxes to support e-mobility but also support the deep renovation of a residential building.


Which are the target groups of the one-stop-shop for the Hanover Region?

Homeowners are an important but far from homogeneous target group. Since the energy renovation of every building type comes with its own challenges, the Hanover one-stop-shop will focus on single-family homes. During the trial phase, the project team from Hanover Region is looking for owners of single-family homes who already have the intention to renovate.

A picture showing an electric vehicle plugged into a wall box

Which advantages does the one-stop-shop have compared to the usual renovation process?

The strength of an organisation or service following the idea of energy renovation from one hand is the breadth and capability of the companies and providers joined together in a network. Already today, Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner provides a list of qualified contractors who implement energy efficiency renovation according to a climate protection code. The one-stop-shop that is currently being built together with Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner comprises every expertise that is needed for such an undertaking. The Hanover one-stop-shop will have the goal to expand its expertise and increase the number of contractors in its network. Increasing the renovation rate will only be possible if the capacities in this regard can be built up.

A person who is coordinating inquiries from customers constitutes the interface between companies and customers. This person knows the specialities of the companies in the network and is able to convey the customer to a suitable company and thereby shorten the time until the customer gets a quotation and the measures are implemented.

The one-stop-shop for Hanover Region cooperates with Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner. Jointly they strive to bring about an increase of renovation rates in Hanover region in the short and medium term.

Who is the Climate Protection Agency Hanover Region?

The non-profit Climate Protection Agency Hanover Region informs, advises and motivates citizens in the field of climate protection. It brings stakeholders together to jointly shape a climate-friendly future for the Hanover Region. The Climate Protection Agency offers impartial advice in a lot of fields.

It gives impetus and inspires policymakers and companies and, together with partners, develops projects and campaigns on energy renovations of residential buildings, municipal climate policy, solar energy, electricity savings, green mobility, environmental education, wind energy and energy efficiency in companies.


Who is proKlima – the enercity fund?

The climate protection fund proKlima was established in June 1998 and is still unique in Europe. The funds are coming from the enercity AG and the cities of Hanover, Hemmingen, Laatzen, Langenhagen, Ronnenberg and Seelze. Together these cities form the proKlima-funding area.

The money is awarded based on pre-defined criteria: the CO2-efficiency, the absolute reduction of CO2-emissions, the multiplier effect and the innovativeness of the measures are decisive factors. The enercity-fund proKlima supports heat energy and electricity savings with know-how and subsidies. Important priorities of the fund’s support are the construction of energy efficient buildings and energy renovations. The fund’s activities include individual advice given by experts.


Who is Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner?

Netzwerk Modernisierungspartner is a network spanning various construction- and building-related trades. It unites contractors, architects, engineers and other providers in the field of energy-efficient construction and renovation. Therefore, the partners cover everything from ceiling to roof and from planning to implementation.

How to contact the ProRetro team in the Hanover Region

If you have questions or are interested in the one-stop-shop’s service please send an email to proretro@klimaschutzagentur.de.