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As part of the EU-funded project ProRetro, the Berlin Energy Agency (BEA) is developing a new service for owners of condominiums and their associations in Berlin. The goal is to support them in the energy renovation of their buildings. This will help to fill a gap in Berlin’s existing range of advice services in the future.

More energy renovations of multi-family houses are needed to achieve climate protection goals

In order to achieve Berlin’s climate protection goals in the building sector, the renovation rate needs to increase urgently. Due to their high share in Berlin’s building stock, renovating more multi-family houses is needed to attain climate protection goals. High-quality energy renovation not only mitigates energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduces the financial burden on residents due to rising energy costs. It also contributes to the long-term maintenance of the building. The implementation of renovation measures mean major organisational, technical and financial challenges for homeowner associations. The wide range of advice and funding options can increase uncertainty. Finding qualified experts and contractors can also be difficult. Furthermore, members of homeowner associations sometimes have very different ideas and motivations when it comes to renovation measures on common property. Compared to individual owners, this makes the decision-making process and the planning of a renovation project much more difficult.


What is our offer to homeowner associations?

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This is where the One-Stop-Shop comes in. The homeowner association receives professional support throughout the entire renovation project. A “renovation guide” will discuss the planned project with the owners and the property management, propose next steps and provide support in coordinating the measures.

Thereby, the owners always have a competent contact person who helps them to implement a smooth and as conflict-free as possible renovation project. After completion, an evaluation is carried out to assess the owners’ satisfaction with the process and the results of the renovation. The offer is to be free of charge for customers.

The Berlin Building Information Centre

In the future, the Berlin Energy Agency will operate the Berlin Building Information Centre together with the project partners Verbraucherzentrale Berlin and Innovation City Management from Bottrop. Advice seekers will there find a central point of contact on topics related to sustainable building and renovation. With a guiding function, the Building Information Centre will bundle existing advice and information services and know-how in Berlin in order to refer those seeking advice to the services that are right for them. In the context of an initial advice by qualified personnel of the Verbraucherzentrale Berlin, the individual background and need for advice are analysed. A first overview of possible measures is provided. Events and exhibitions will serve to explore and illustrate topics relevant to the target group in greater depth. These services shall contribute to a larger number of owners of residential buildings in Berlin investing in sustainable building and renovation measures.

The BEA’s service for homeowner associations is to be closely linked to the Building Information Centre and will constitute the Berlin One-Stop-Shop. The associated network of actors creates opportunities for cooperation from which all stakeholders and advice seekers can benefit.


Who is the Berlin Energy Agency?

The Berlin Energy Agency BEA is a modern energy services company. It is rooted in Berlin, but is also active on national and international markets. Founded in 1992 on the initiative of the Berlin House of Representatives, BEA has since been actively contributing to more energy efficiency, more renewable energies and more climate protection.

BEA develops and implements practical, innovative solutions for its customers to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. With its know-how, BEA contributes to energy renovation measures in buildings and urban districts. And it implements information campaigns and consulting projects in the field of climate protection, either alone or together with partners.

With its more than 150 decentralized generation plants for electricity, heating and cooling as well as its consulting services for the public sector, enterprises and private households, BEA contributes to achieving the goal of “Climate Neutral Berlin 2050” as well as supra-regional climate protection obligations.

More information about ProRetro in Berlin

More information about the ProRetro One-Stop-Shop for Berlin and a contact to BEA can be found on its website.